Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #7

Yesterday I was off to the green side of my city to create awareness among the people residing there and also got the rain water storage tank fixed. This is the final day for Nokia Sustainability Challenge. The seven days on Nokia Sustainability week went so fast. I can remember the first day when I planted a new plant with my 2 yr old niece.

Day #7 The Finale

I have informed you that I had switched to my laptop as the desktop PC consumes more power. Unfortunately, while rendering the video I think I had killed my laptop. I got this notification in my laptop and it got switched off automatically half an hour later and never turned on. I learnt later that I had to replace the battery with a new one to continue the project. I didn't mean to disappoint you as I had informed that I will show off the video today. 

I will replace the battery as soon as possible and will continue the rendering and will upload the video in a couple of days. Meanwhile I didn't want to waste this day. Hence I designed a notice and took printouts and distributed to the people in our residential area. I hope it will make them aware of our environment. 

I am really sorry guys. I tried my best to complete the video in time. However as I took an oath on the Day #1 itself to continue to work for the goodness of our Environment, I will update here every week how I am making our Environment more sustainable. 

I had always wished to do something good for our Environment from my childhood and this Nokia Sustainability Challenge boosted me to begin my dream to save our environment. You can also do your part to save our Environment. You can join our group and organize campaign to create awareness. If you are interested to join, drop your wish below in the comments. I am always happy to hear from you. 

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #6

In the previous day, I have got the Incandescent light bulbs in my apartments replaced with CFL ones and also insisted on installation of solar panel to power the water pump to draw water. I went to the sub-urban regions of my city to do something good for our Environment.

Day #6 Going to the green side

If you are living in Chennai, you can hardly find any trees inside the city. I traveled to the sub-urban regions of my city Chennai where you can breathe fresh air and find people living in harmony with the Environment. But the condition has changed now as Urbanization has begun in those regions. The people sell their lands for money and the buyer just cuts away all the trees and projects a multi-storey building.  

It would be effective if I could talk with the people of those region on their issues and why to stop cutting of trees. I jumped in to a train to go there. Below is a video I recorded during the journey. As you can see below, the place is so green. However you can also find uprising of new buildings and many trees disappeared.

This is heaven. One of the Eco destinations which is pollution free and you can breathe fresh air and feel the cool sea breeze.

I called the people over there and explained the need for trees to maintain our Environment sustainable. A few people understood my speech while many just left away. However I was satisfied that I made atleast around 10 people to realize the consequences of deforestation and also to protect the Environment. 

Monsoon is coming :-) I got the rain water storage tank fixed before that. It is our sole duty to maintain the balance in our ecosystem and not to disturb it. A single plastic bottle can remain inside the soil for years and is non-degradable. Instead, one can recycle them for reuse or stop using them and go with eco-friendly ways.

The day went so fast as most of the time was spent in the journey itself. While I'm performing these tasks, the "Nokia Sustainability Project" I was creating is getting rendered in my laptop. I think I am almost going to kill  my laptop by giving it a massive task. Here is a image I have rendered for Nokia Sustainability Week :)

Click on it to enjoy the pic in full resolution:

Tomorrow will the final day of Nokia Sustainability Challenge and I am hoping to do more better tomorrow. Stay tuned for Day #7

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #5

Yesterday, Its one man show of me cleaning up a waste land into beautiful place. If you have missed it, you can check it out here. Today I raised up my voice in my apartments meeting to make it one of the best meets by giving my ideas on reducing the power usage.

Day #5 Raise your voice

In my apartment meeting today, I have given my opinions and ideas to reduce the power usage by a wide range of methods. There are 24 homes in our apartments and I raised up my voice against their acts and finally made it to save the energy usage and also did something green today.

First of all, I asked the secretary of our apartment to replace the Incandescent light bulbs with CFL ones. Though it is a bit costly compared to the Incandescent bulbs, the CFL reduces the power usage to a greater extent. He had agreed to do this and I replaced them immediately with the CFL :)

Say Hello to the new CFLs 

I have found in Wikipedia that CFL consumes a power of 9-13 watts whereas Incandescent bulb consumes 40 watts for the same light output. There are totally 20 light mountings in our apartment. By replacing the incandescent ones with CFL, our apartment can save hundreds of watts of power.

I have also asked the secretary to install solar panels in the roof to power the water pump. Its green and also saves energy. 

Day #5 has been short as I was preparing to get ready for tomorrow's adventure. Tomorrow I will be going off to the sub-urban part of Chennai creating awareness. So stay tuned for Day #6. 

Here is an image that I found in a website which was really innovative and awesome:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #4

The previous day, I did my best part to make our Environment more sustainable by creating awareness through digital means by starting a new video project and also preferred eco-friendly cards and carried the ticket in my smartphone rather than taking print out. This is day #4 of Nokia Sustainability Challenge and this day was truly adventurous.

Day #4 Get into action 

After the long journey that I have mentioned yesterday, I went to my cousin's home today. I never thought that this would be the beginning of today's sustainability challenge. There was an abandoned ground just at the back of his apartment and when I first saw that my face was *_* You will have the same expression when you see the below pics I took there. 

Click on the image to view in full resolution

It was full of litter. The apartments had almost 25 individual families and none of them came forward before to clean this. This place had a few trees including a mango tree and many flower plants. I can just enjoy inside the home as I am anyway going back to my home the next day. Instead I can utilize this day to take up the challenge to make this place beautiful and plastics free. I cannot nudge my cousin as he was busy at this work. Hence, its one man army to clean up this place and its up to me. 

While cleaning up the thrown away plastic bottles and dried leaves, I don't know its co-incidence but I found this smiley :| in a tree branch showing its expression on its current condition. 

I hope this will change into :) in a few days after I clean up this place. Hours passed by as I got into this task. I collected the dried leaves and other degradable wastes and kept at one corner of the ground wall. Meanwhile, I deposited the plastic wastes into the garbage truck. 

After hours of cleaning up, this place looked fabulous. 

I think the birds were happy to see their home clean. They circled this place and finally stayed up in the tress after I completed this task.

Thus I have successfully managed to turn a garbage land into a beautiful place in Day #4. Many adventures are coming by in the upcoming days.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #3

        I have taken up the Nokia Sustainability Challenge to do my part to make our Environment more sustainable. On the first day, I have planted some small plants with my 2 year old niece and also started a new group called "Go Green" and also a new blog called "Lets Go Green" to create awareness on sustainability of our Environment. On the second day, I created awareness among the people residing in nearby rural areas with "Go Green" shirt and also explained them the current condition of our Environment and measures that can be implemented to preserve them. This day is something special as I have almost spent the whole day to create a digital masterpiece video to create awareness online. 

Click on the image to view in full resolution :-)

Day #3 Going Digital

A couple of months ago, I began working on a short documentary film called "2050" back in 2011 to show how our world will be in future if the current problem like Global Warming continues. Unfortunately, I have stopped the project as there were not enough resources. But I am still having the project files that I have created for 2050. I can create awareness among 100-200 in a day on the critical conditions of our fragile Environment. At the same time, a short documentary video created to show the sustainability of our Environment can be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo and can hit around 1 million views in a few days thus creating more impact on people and also each share will have a much greater impact. Although the rendering time will be long if I use my laptop, I preferred it as it will consume comparatively lesser energy. 

Below is a screenshot while taken during the making of "2050" back in 2011:

Lets skip "2050". Today, I opened the project file of "2050" and started to work on a new project called "Nokia Sustainability week" which shows the past, present conditions of our Environment and also visualize how our Earth would be in future if the present trend continues. The image that you can find at the beginning of the post is a snapshot of this new project. Time just flied as I sat in front of my laptop and got myself involved in this. After almost 5-6 hours of dedication, I completed making it but I haven't rendered it. The rendering will sure take at least 12-15 hours to complete. So I have to render this video tomorrow and then covert it to occupy less space and upload it later. 

Though I'm just 18 years old, I have always wished to have my very own business card and I fulfilled this dream today and also did something good for the Environment. After designing the card content, while placing the order I found an option in manufacturer of the cards) through which I can get my cards manufactured fully from 100% recycled things while the Classic cards are made from wood pulp. Hence I opted for "Green Cards" option while placing the order. This shows that one can make something good for the Environment through any means though it is a small business card.

Click on the image below to view in full resolution:

In my previous post, I have mentioned that the Rain Water Storage implemented in our apartment hasn't been properly maintained. My friend and I tried to fix it but it was too difficult. So We called the Professionals to do this task. Meanwhile I also mentioned that I will be going on a 5 hour long journey to a sub-urban region in my state. While reserving through the online Government site, a pop up just came up showing the below message:

This is a fantastic one. They have also mentioned that We can save upto 3 lakh papers a day if every passengers carries a digital copy instead of print out. Hence I transferred the e-ticket to my mobile rather than printing it. If everyone does this, We can save thousands of trees per day. New adventures waiting for me the next day :-) 

Stay tuned to check out tomorrow. Go Green. Save Trees. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #2

Today, My friend and I are set out into an adventure to the nearby rural areas to check out the ecosystem there and also to create awareness among those people.

Day #2 Creating Awareness

After taking up the Nokia Sustainability Challenge, this is day #2 featuring some of my efforts on making our Environment more sustainable. I started a blog called "Go Green" and also an open Facebook group "Go Green" to create more awareness among people. But that won't be enough to have a big impact. I want to make the people whoever I meet to become aware of the present condition of our environment. Hence I bought this shirt for me and my friend to create some awareness among people.

This morning my friend and I went on a ride to the nearby rural area to check out if the ecosystem is better there. But then We found that it was far worse than here. We came across a bridge where the river used to flourishing but now, its not but a dry land as you can see from the below picture.

The vast green farm lands turned out to none other than the dry crops. No words to explain. 

Later, We went to the residents of that region and inquired them what was the reason for this condition and their reply was "There was no Rain which turned this once evergreen land into a waste land. Moreover the cost of the fertilizers were too high to afford". Later we realized that they were unaware of the methods of Rain Water Harvesting and also the organic fertilizers that can be used. Unfortunately, I haven't taken my laptop with me during this travel. I would have made it more easy for them to understand on these eco-friendly methods if I had carried my laptop. 

Not much to worry though. I would give more effort in the upcoming days and prepare myself for more journeys to the rural areas to make the people more aware of our Environment. We will also be cleaning a big ground nearby our home this evening, collecting all the recyclable wastes found there and will be seeding more trees. 

Rain Water Harvesting methods had already been implemented in our apartment, but it hasn't been maintained properly and almost all the preserved water was drained and became useless. Hence a couple of my friends and I are going to clean the tank below and make it functional as the monsoon will start in a month. 

Yesterday, my niece and I have planted some small plants as I posted in Day #1. This evening after completing all the above tasks, I watered them with my niece and the plants seem quite happy. 

And these are the things I have done today to make our Environment sustainable. As I mentioned above, I will be going on a 5 hour journey to a rural land and check out the things there. I will remember to carry my laptop with me :) 

If you are interested in making our Environment more sustainable, you can join our Facebook group or even post on our blog

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #1

A couple of days ago, I came across a post in Nokia Connects titled "Nokia Sustainability Challenge" which was quite interesting. The challenge is to do something sustainable every day for seven days for the environment. I have taken up the challenge to do something good for the environment. 

Day #1: Go Green

This is day 1 of the Nokia Sustainability Challenge and since I have holidays of around 20 days, I can do better and more unique to make the environment more sustainable. Around two weeks ago, I read the Nokia Sustainability Report on Nokia Conversations discussing the achievements of Nokia and the challenges that still Nokia needs to work on and much more. There are many news that made to be more eco-friendly. I found that an Indian Jadav “Molai” Payeng has been planting trees since his age of 16 and has been doing it for 33 years now making it to 1360 acre forest. Nokia had been making mobiles from bio-materials and recycled plastics of which some are Nokia 700, Asha 200, Asha 201. 

I must do my part to make this environment a better place and if every person on this Earth does their part, there will be neither global warming nor extinction of any animals. A person planting one tree may sound so small but if each one around the globe plants this, We will have a greener Earth. 

Earth is an unique planet on this Universe and none other planets discovered can sustain life. When NASA discovered an exoplanet called Gliese 581 g, every scientists' focus was there as they found the planet was in habitable zone just like Earth and predicted that it could host life. But later, they discovered that it was a dry land like any other one and cannot sustain life like our Earth. So, Why am I saying this? I want to make it serious that We all have only one home and it is our sole duty to do the best for our mother Earth so that our future generations can survive. 

Doing my part to Environment:

I have decided to do my best part to our Environment not only for seven days but for the rest of the years. I always prefer to go by walk instead of riding a bike. I have switched to use my Laptop and turned off the desktop as the latter one consumes more power. Although the laptop may not be suitable for games, I chose to quit them. I am gonna replace normal lights with CFL ones. If you are living in India, You will be experiencing the fuel hike to a tremendous rate and although many alternate methods are available, People still rely on traditional ones. So my first action will be creating awareness among people on Environmental hazards and people may think it as a ridiculous one. Hence instead of being one, I am going to call my friends to join our group for this need. On the first day itself, the group has 55 members who are wishing to contribute for the goodness of our Environment. I have started a new blog where I will keep posting for creating awareness to protect our Environment.At least if a couple of people understands the current situation, that will change the whole destiny. 

Before that, I will be planting a new tree everyday from today and also is having a special decoration that I am gonna make it with plants that I have seeded in a special manner today. I will update the progress of them everyday in my blog. My advice to readers is that "If you cannot plant a tree, atleast try to stop the one cutting a tree". Last month, my college organised "Go Green" program highlighting the hazards of deforestation and encouraging people to plant more trees. I taught my 2yr old niece to plant some plants this evening and she is loving it.

Everyday prior of checking my mails and social sites, I used to spend some time in 9GAG to have some humor and they do post some pics to create awareness and this below picture worth featuring here:

This is truly what we do actually. The digital era is here. Internet is the fastest means of communication. I want to finally say that if you cannot do any eco-friendly acts, You can atleast share this post or tweet to followers and this will have a greater influence.