Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #7

Yesterday I was off to the green side of my city to create awareness among the people residing there and also got the rain water storage tank fixed. This is the final day for Nokia Sustainability Challenge. The seven days on Nokia Sustainability week went so fast. I can remember the first day when I planted a new plant with my 2 yr old niece.

Day #7 The Finale

I have informed you that I had switched to my laptop as the desktop PC consumes more power. Unfortunately, while rendering the video I think I had killed my laptop. I got this notification in my laptop and it got switched off automatically half an hour later and never turned on. I learnt later that I had to replace the battery with a new one to continue the project. I didn't mean to disappoint you as I had informed that I will show off the video today. 

I will replace the battery as soon as possible and will continue the rendering and will upload the video in a couple of days. Meanwhile I didn't want to waste this day. Hence I designed a notice and took printouts and distributed to the people in our residential area. I hope it will make them aware of our environment. 

I am really sorry guys. I tried my best to complete the video in time. However as I took an oath on the Day #1 itself to continue to work for the goodness of our Environment, I will update here every week how I am making our Environment more sustainable. 

I had always wished to do something good for our Environment from my childhood and this Nokia Sustainability Challenge boosted me to begin my dream to save our environment. You can also do your part to save our Environment. You can join our group and organize campaign to create awareness. If you are interested to join, drop your wish below in the comments. I am always happy to hear from you. 


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