Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #2

Today, My friend and I are set out into an adventure to the nearby rural areas to check out the ecosystem there and also to create awareness among those people.

Day #2 Creating Awareness

After taking up the Nokia Sustainability Challenge, this is day #2 featuring some of my efforts on making our Environment more sustainable. I started a blog called "Go Green" and also an open Facebook group "Go Green" to create more awareness among people. But that won't be enough to have a big impact. I want to make the people whoever I meet to become aware of the present condition of our environment. Hence I bought this shirt for me and my friend to create some awareness among people.

This morning my friend and I went on a ride to the nearby rural area to check out if the ecosystem is better there. But then We found that it was far worse than here. We came across a bridge where the river used to flourishing but now, its not but a dry land as you can see from the below picture.

The vast green farm lands turned out to none other than the dry crops. No words to explain. 

Later, We went to the residents of that region and inquired them what was the reason for this condition and their reply was "There was no Rain which turned this once evergreen land into a waste land. Moreover the cost of the fertilizers were too high to afford". Later we realized that they were unaware of the methods of Rain Water Harvesting and also the organic fertilizers that can be used. Unfortunately, I haven't taken my laptop with me during this travel. I would have made it more easy for them to understand on these eco-friendly methods if I had carried my laptop. 

Not much to worry though. I would give more effort in the upcoming days and prepare myself for more journeys to the rural areas to make the people more aware of our Environment. We will also be cleaning a big ground nearby our home this evening, collecting all the recyclable wastes found there and will be seeding more trees. 

Rain Water Harvesting methods had already been implemented in our apartment, but it hasn't been maintained properly and almost all the preserved water was drained and became useless. Hence a couple of my friends and I are going to clean the tank below and make it functional as the monsoon will start in a month. 

Yesterday, my niece and I have planted some small plants as I posted in Day #1. This evening after completing all the above tasks, I watered them with my niece and the plants seem quite happy. 

And these are the things I have done today to make our Environment sustainable. As I mentioned above, I will be going on a 5 hour journey to a rural land and check out the things there. I will remember to carry my laptop with me :) 

If you are interested in making our Environment more sustainable, you can join our Facebook group or even post on our blog


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