Friday, June 15, 2012

Nokia Sustainability Challenge Day #4

The previous day, I did my best part to make our Environment more sustainable by creating awareness through digital means by starting a new video project and also preferred eco-friendly cards and carried the ticket in my smartphone rather than taking print out. This is day #4 of Nokia Sustainability Challenge and this day was truly adventurous.

Day #4 Get into action 

After the long journey that I have mentioned yesterday, I went to my cousin's home today. I never thought that this would be the beginning of today's sustainability challenge. There was an abandoned ground just at the back of his apartment and when I first saw that my face was *_* You will have the same expression when you see the below pics I took there. 

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It was full of litter. The apartments had almost 25 individual families and none of them came forward before to clean this. This place had a few trees including a mango tree and many flower plants. I can just enjoy inside the home as I am anyway going back to my home the next day. Instead I can utilize this day to take up the challenge to make this place beautiful and plastics free. I cannot nudge my cousin as he was busy at this work. Hence, its one man army to clean up this place and its up to me. 

While cleaning up the thrown away plastic bottles and dried leaves, I don't know its co-incidence but I found this smiley :| in a tree branch showing its expression on its current condition. 

I hope this will change into :) in a few days after I clean up this place. Hours passed by as I got into this task. I collected the dried leaves and other degradable wastes and kept at one corner of the ground wall. Meanwhile, I deposited the plastic wastes into the garbage truck. 

After hours of cleaning up, this place looked fabulous. 

I think the birds were happy to see their home clean. They circled this place and finally stayed up in the tress after I completed this task.

Thus I have successfully managed to turn a garbage land into a beautiful place in Day #4. Many adventures are coming by in the upcoming days.


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