Monday, May 7, 2012

Internet is fun on my mobile

I'm of the teen who is found on Internet 24*7 and my friends are always so jealous of me being online all day doing so much things. Who wouldn't anyway? I got my first internet when I was in my 10th grade. I actually connect my PC using my Nokia 6300 to connect to internet using Hutch carrier (now Vodafone). I was not aware of 3G or don't know I was using 2G network those days. I don't know Facebook, Twitter or any blogs. The last 3 years have been like I have evolved into a new Cyber guy. I started blogging using Blogger a year ago, now in Wordpress here. I started to surf the web and gain as much as I can and I consider it a real fun.

I cannot always carry my Desktop or laptop to be online or surf all time. Here comes my mobile which I use now as primary device to share everything. Life is so fun with internet. I can take a picture and share it instantly with my friends on Facebook. Its so easy and fast.

A couple of days ago, my friend came to my home to write records and I took a snap and instantly shared on Facebook right from my Lumia 800 and got tons of comments. Its so much fun. To be honest, Joy is only when shared.

A year ago, me and my friends had planned to prank our school teachers and infact beaten them. LOL.. I was the guy taking the video and uploaded right away from my mobile..ROFL... Those moments were unforgettable. Below is my Chemistry sir when we trying to remove his blanket :D 
No comments on this please.

I got aware of Foursquare and used to check in wherever I was going from my mobile to share my location with my friends. With mobile internet, I can chat with my friends on Facebook all the time and there is no restrictions at all.

There is so much fun using internet from mobile to share everything with friends. This post is my entry for Indiblogger's "Internet is Fun" contest by Vodafone. I love it. Wish me luck to win :-)
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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My Nokia Story

Everyone is aware that Nokia had posted a long update from their Nokia fans a while ago, and now its time for the Nokia fans to post their Nokia Story to get it on Nokia Timeline. So here is my Nokia Story... 

As far I can remember I was in my 3 or 4 grade I don't remember exactly and at that time, Pager was the popular means of communication. And one day, I saw the principal of my school carrying an odd thing rather than the pager. It was a mobile phone and everyone was mouth watering :D It kinda looked every big and he was taking out the antenna out often while speaking. 

Days went by, I saw a 1100 and was always playing snakes in it which was the popular one of that time like the Dave in PCs. It was so fun those days. And after a few days my dad bought a Nokia 6020 and I admit that it was the first camera phone I've seen in my life. I was taking pics all time without knowing that its memory was around 3MB. Evertime I see the pop out that No memory, I used to delete the preinstalled games, themes and the GIF files in it too. 

After then I got my hands on my first coolest phone Nokia 6300. It was just awesome, sleek and had an outstanding design. I was unaware of internet and only played games in it and used to transfer music from my old desktop. After my friend informed me that I can connect to Internet using it, I was on cloud nine. 

Every weekend, I used to connect Internet using the Nokia 6300 as modem in my PC and it has around some 48kbps I don't remember exactly. My cousin had a Nokia E90 communicator which was pretty cool too yet big. My brother in law got his Nokia 5800XM on the early days and still uses it. It came with TV out and when I heard it was having 8GB memory card, I was like *_*   

After months of waiting, I got my first touch smartphone Nokia X6 and its the best of all I've used. Not even a single scratch or anything after a couple of year usage and it still keeps up. I got my internet connection and was wandering over in Orkut and Facebook and randomly found a site called "WomWorld/Nokia". I got interested in it and actually signed up in Twitter to communicate with them. 

I got a Nokia E6 from them and loved it a lot. Though it was a two weeks trial, You can get the most of it. I started a blog through Blogger and started posting on Technology. From then, I got more interested and came out to be a guy who will be online 24*7 and replies his tweet in 5 minutes. 

I posted the things that I found cool about Nokia in my post Whats Special about Nokia? and got a thanks from Nokia too. So cool of them. This relationship with Nokia continued all way. I got Nokia N9 for trial from Nokia Connects (WomWorld/Nokia) and I thought how far Nokia had reached from a brick sized mobile to a most beautiful smartphone of all time. 

That's not all. I got greetings for New Year with a cracker from Mala at Nokia Connects. It was #NCXAMS and it was another cool stuff we had it over the year end. I switched my blog to wordpress and my first featured post was none other than Whats Special about Nokia? #2

And thats how I became a Nokia fan and I wish this relationship with Nokia will continue in all walks of my life. Thank you Nokia :-)