Monday, March 19, 2012

That Smile...

All of us have many friends and there will be one who is very close, who shares joy or sorrow and give a hand in any time. I did have one like the one mentioned above and he was like my brother. It was actually during my fifth standard and I can hardly remember anything except this one. During those, there will be none not watching Cartoon Network. We didn ot have PSP or XBOX those days and our only entertainment is CN. And the favorite is Pokemon. I used to watch them daily and never miss an episode. I do even remember the names now :-)

In my school, We used to have play period once a week during which we can do any work and there will be none to question us. My friend as I mentioned above and I used to play Pokemon game during that time. Those days were full of imagination stuff and we had that joy none can ever have. We will choose six pokemons for each in our mind and fight between one another by saying their attack names like thunderbolt , agility, flame thrower,etc,. We always played these games in imaginations and days passed by. I went to another city and lost contact with him.

A few years later from that time, a couple of weeks ago I was travelling in a bus to my Native town. I'm studying in college now. A guy entered the bus and sat in the front row. It was almost 10yrs since I've met him and that guy in the bus looked akin to him and I had a feeling that it was him. I asked myself whether was it him, if so, will he remember me and other crazy stuff. 

Finally, I sat next to him. He looked at me as if I was a stranger and I realized that he had forgotten me. I didn't lose hope. I just looked at him and asked him "Pikachu or Squirtle? " And He gave that smile which I can never forget :-)