Monday, August 13, 2012

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Log #11 13-08-2012

Its been quite long since I had shared anything here, in my personal blog as I was kind of busy rebranding Infaround. Moreover its been hard to move on with the new class students. After messing with all these, I found some free time today at 12AM. You heard it right. I am hardly sleeping for 6hrs a day including the ones that I sleep during my college working hours too. Last weekend, I went to the much anticipated The Dark Knight Rises and I had to describe it only in one word- EPIC. Nolan proved again that he is the best.

Next morning, I downloaded the Soundtracks of TDKR and got fed up with all of them followed by The Dark Knight whose soundtrack didn't impress me much though. Before going for sleep at 11PM, I switched on TV to see whats happening and found its Batman Begins in a couple of minutes. As a result, spent the night sleepless. And today I downloaded the soundtracks of Batman Begins too and this one struck me a lot as if I can listen to it all day.

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