Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get started with Zurp

Its been a while since my last update on my project which is now renamed as "Zurp". Starting with the name, Zurp seems pretty weird. My friends and I were writing for many name suggestions for and had like in hundreds, however finally opted for Zurp. We had no idea what Zurp really meant initially. We looked over the web and finally spotted its meaning to be "All of the bad words combined together". It was pretty good and weird.

When I start speaking of Zurp to anyone, the first question I encounter is "How does it differ from the rest?". There are like a Zillions of new feature which you had never seen. You can have a peek of it at the Beta signup page. Moving on with the progress with Zurp, People can now sign up for the beta Zurp here (

The interesting and Unique feature in the Zurp Beta signup page is that its gesture enabled. You heard that right. If you are using Chrome or Safari, any other which uses Webkit engine, you can enjoy this feature. Just visit the page, click "Allow" below the URL bar to allow to get feed from your Webcam. Wave your hands up/down to open the signup dialog box and wave left/right to close it.   

Below is an image demonstrating how Zurp recognizes your hand. However it will not be visible. There will be more new cool features coming by, so don't forget to sign up to get notified.


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