Friday, April 13, 2012

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Log #9 13-04-2012

Beginning with a wishes to all my readers in Tamil Nadu a "Happy Tamil New Year", This is log #9 featuring some of the worst things happened during my travel to my hometown last night. You may keep a name for this log post as "A series of unfortunate events". Its Friday 13th and I don't really believe in luck or fate.

I was home alone for last three days. After getting back from College Hell yesterday evening, I logged in my laptop and did the usual stuff. My mom called and asked me to pack up my things to go to my hometown. I was unable to get out from my computer and thanks to TamilNadu Electricity Board, the power cut made me to pack my stuff. I carried my laptop also with me and my entertainment things for the 5hr long journey was my X6.

I later went to the Bus Terminal at 8PM and the place was like the whole population of the city was concentrated in the terminal itself. It was also traffucked (My new invention: Traffic+Fucked) Waiting.. Waiting and Waiting.. I was tired. Grabbed a 7up and completed it all way. Atlast spotted the bus to my hometown. It was worse than the bus terminal. I was made to stand for the whole journey. All those were standing just slept on the floor and foot board itself. It was kinda *Argh* to me. Its 12.30 AM. And all of sudden, We heard a burst and it was the rear wheel Tyre.

The fucking people were still sleeping. I got down with four and five others and took a view at them. After that, the bus driver stopped the buses passing by and transferred some of the passengers who are going nearby. But I was 100kms away. The driver had the guts to drive that bus very slowly and we reached the Bus Terminal at Pondicherry and it took an hour to replace them. After that, Only 20 were in the bus and I still got no traces of sleep.

And finally I reached my hometown at 4 AM and there was none except me on the road. I had an half a kilometer walk and reached my home. Went in and I just got myself down and zzZ.Z...zzz.. When I woke up, it was 10.30 in the morning. I explained what all happened to all in my home and everyone's face was *_* *_*

I was lazy all day and did nothing. Just watched movie in my laptop and then music in my X6. Finally I said to myself "You have did nothing today and haven't also posted for past 6 days. Go on and tell about journey experience"

So What do you guys say? Its really a series of unfortunate events. Isn't it?

Friday, April 6, 2012

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Log #3 06-04-2012

This is Raghav writing his log #3 in his personal blog. Its Friday and moreover itssssss Good Friday :) No College today. Everyone loves going to college. Not in case of my college. When it comes to Friday, what struck my mind was,

No offense Rebecca Black. I know how you feel. You should probably try "Its Monday!!! Monday!!" next time. I didn't have a sound sleep yesterday night. The first thing I did in this morning is opening my laptop and checking in all my social networks.

What I planned to do today was to complete my physics record which I didn't begin to write even the first experiment whereas half of my class already got their records corrected. However I didn't begin till now though. I dunno why I am always trying to procrastinate every things. I completely spent the day in my laptop and music. I registered .com domain for my Information Blog and almost went to hell and returned back while transferring the domain and still it shows some kind of error. I even searched for the error code in Google and it found no matching pages. OMG... A new error only for me :(

There was this powercut at 2 PM which was actually scheduled at 3PM by EB. Damn. I got no work, no power, no PC. My X6 gave company. Monster Purity Headphones on and played "3" songs. ZZzzzz..... I am on sleep.

Meanwhile, my mom came after half an hour and asked me "Why haven't you turned on the fan?" I shouted "No power". My mom came in and switched on the fan and informed that it came before 20mins and my face was :| :| *_* 0_o

Back Online. Still the domain transfer didn't get completed. After a while, I had some noodles and sat back on Twitter. Then while writing this post, I asked my friend over Facebook if we got any works for tomorrow. Then came the tragedy message. "Tomorrow is Technical English Unit Test" OMG.. I forgot that. Anyway I ain't gonna prepare for that.

Thus the day went so fast and its 9 PM. Thats the end of this log and Good Friday night Rebecca Black :D Please don't come as a nightmare today. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Log #2 05-04-2012

The day went awesome  really boring and moreover they was lab session today unlike the whole theory class as of yesterday. The same thing like yesterday many were speaking of the exam stuff. That sucks really. Maths mam kept the **** test again in the first class itself :| We tried to show up as if we were writing truly, Me keeping my notebook in my lap and writing in camouflage mode. As the bell rang, mam asked only those who had written all the problems. With no surprise, there was none. Without uttering a word, She went away. Oh.Man. All that efforts I made for writing was of no use. 

Whats on everyone's mind was that the next class was ED!!!!!! This is really a surprise to all of us. She was on leave today and so do 12 other students in my section. The EC sir took the hour and he didn't care about what we were doing and simply wrote stuff on board. Next was Physics class. He informed that he will be handling two hours of lab session for theory and everyone face was *_*

We would have loved Physics if it had dealt with scifi stuff or something. Rather it went with equations, their derivations and some scientists whose names can't even get pronounced. All our joy went black in a minute and the bell rung for lunch hour. It was worse too as the Physics class.

We ended up in the class again and the first class in noon was Technical English. Our English Mam was the only coolest teacher in our class. We enjoyed the class and as the bell rang, it was like death bell. The Physics sir came in with his Toshiba laptop and a projector. He spent some time in setting it up and We saw " Microsoft Powerpoint 2007" on the screen, it looked like " Get ready to sleep folks" 

Meanwhile he was showing up the presentation, We were dreaming.  Thank God. Some of the files were missing and he ended up 30minutes before. He started saying about his laptop and his old PC and We wanted to say "You are a Timex watch in a Digital Age". Don't presume he will look like Bruce Willis :D 

Lab coats on. We went to Chemistry lab and We were free there and no teaching stuff. But ten minutes before the final bell rang came the tragedy. Chem mam gave our test papers that we wrote a couple of days which we didn't expect. Mine ended up with two times imposition. The Joy bell rang and we rushed to our buses. Its damn too hot this summer. There was a traffic jam as a vehicle flipped in the roadside.  

After all this worst stuff, I came to home. There was power cut. ********** Today I had the series of unfortunate events. Tomorrow is holiday however. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Log #1 04-04-12

I have started this log stuff to keep it as a memory to enjoy them in my future. Some memories get forgotten easily and some are everlasting. There is no joy without sharing and I wanted to share my day you. I'm a Computer Engineering student in morning and a Tech guy in the rest. I blog on Tech stuff and never shared my day with anyone else. I used to sit before my laptop and start blogging on Tech news everyday. I started my personal blog a couple of months ago and hardly spend time on it. And so I'm going share my day here.

Log: 04-04-2012

This post marks the first post in this log. Today went pretty well. Everyone will get up with rejoice. Not in my case today. I was sick from last night and tried my best to wake up this morning. After having my breakfast, I went to the bus stop waiting for my college bus like everyday.

Entering the class few of my classmates were discussing on the Maths scheduled today and some doing their best to postpone it. I joined the latter team. Morning went well and afternoon came the parody. The first class in afternoon was Chemistry. *Argh* That Chemistry mam made us to write a test and some were keen on writing. I tried my best to write a story. The funny part was that she asked the boys trying to copy from others to sit at girls side. Some hated them while others made it on purpose ;)

After then came the Electrical circuitry class which went as usual. The last two classes were the most anticipated. Maths mam entering the classroom, We skimming over the notebook,etc,etc,.. As she writing the test questions on the board, We searched for the problem in the notebook. Out of three, one was not solved in notebook. All of us had the same feeling you are getting now. Writing the test, I reached that problem. I started solving them and the answer came as "Zero". Being nrevous, I heard someone calling me and it was my friend in my neighboring bench asking if the answer for the problem was "Zero". I was in cloud nine. Got the answer sheet corrected, I came back to my place and started the thing I mentioned before "SHARING" (actually the answers).

Nothing like that of the last class where you will have the full energy like the first class. It was Electronic Devices subject :\ and truly speaking none enjoyed the ED class. My friend got caught last day for sleeping :D in that class and did his best to stay awake. After we heard the bell, We rushed to our buses and started the routine thing- Sleeping zzZzzz....

Thats up for the first day. Visit tomorrow for log #2  :)